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2016 International Corrugated Box Show Diverse Thematic Discussion Ongoing
- Aug 18, 2016 -

For currently China carton factory for transformation upgrade, and upgrade competitiveness of market needs, 2016, by beauty printing culture hosted, and Reed Exhibition Expo Group "China International corrugated exhibition" full sponsored of "beauty printing carton industry training will" came into being, and to monthly a will of frequency in China the big paper packaging industry developed area held, brings together industry "insight", discussion paper packaging industry future development of road.

In May, the "2016 US-India carton industry training-Qingdao station" successfully held in June, "2016 US-India carton industry training" will be "2016 China (Zhengzhou) international exhibition of corrugated box (time: June 29-July 1)" held in conjunction with the next day.